One Voice, One Cello

Cellist, Singer/Songwriter & Storyteller

…The stand out performance came from Rupert Gillett. Great cellist with comical side and songs that were instantly playing in your head…’

Fiona Jarvis – Blue Badge Style

Gillett is a great Jazz improv artist…. a compelling and very fluid jazz player”

Darcy Robertson – London Jazz News

“…a sharp-dressed, cheerful and irreverent diversifier who uses the instrument to explore jazz, rock, folk, pop and various other genres… anything as long as it isn’t classical.   Notably for a contemporary solo performer, Rupert eschews loops and effects. When you hear him live, it’s just him, the necessary techniques and a dose of imagination.”

The cello is a wonderful instrument.  While being essentially a “Tenor” or “Baritone” melody instrument in classical music, many contemporary cellists are starting to explore the possibilities that the cello offers as a rhythm instrument, a bass instrument, or an entire rhythm section AND solo instrument simultaneously…. The “One Voice, One Cello” concept is a twist on these ideas.

One Voice, One Cello, NO effects, loops or overdubs.  Oh, and some songs about aliens, murderous bogey men, mathematics, fairy godfathers and other themes of the day….

Rupert Gillett is a freelance cellist/multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer. Rupert has worked with artists such as Alison Moyet (Yazoo), Shara Nelson (Massive Attack), Katy Carr, Delain and Modern Nature, and been featured on many occasions on BBC Radio and television with various ensembles. He has also performed to audiences such as Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Jude Law, Orlando Bloom and HRH Prince Philip. He lectures at the Cello Akademie Rutesheim, and has also taught at the Royal Academy of Music, the New Directions Cello Festival and various other festivals and courses.