Session Cellist

“Gillett’s somber cello – evocative of Ramin Djawadi’s finest work on Game Of Thrones”

As well as regular live work with his own projects, Rupert is a session cellist who has worked with producers such as Henning Schmitz (Kraftwerk) and Liam Watson (The White Stripes).  

As an experienced session cellist, Rupert can read, arrange, improvise and think outside the box if required and is skilled at gauging what the artist or track requires.  Rupert has played a large variety of albums, and his work has occasionally popped up in the charts (just!).  For a full discography, click here. 

Rupert is also accustomed to doing “remote sessions” and is an experienced audio engineer.  Using his own “Holly Barn Studio”, Rupert can record and transfer high quality audio stems of sessions, enabling efficient international studio work.  

If you would like to book Rupert for a session, please send an email to