Jazz Cello & Beyond

“The compositions.. gain skin and muscle through the thoughtful cello of Rupert Gillett”


“…mesmerizing lines played on cello by Rupert Gillett…”

The Green Man Review

Welcome to the official homepage of jazz cellist, double bassist, composer & producer Rupert Gillett.  Rupert is a London-based musician who specialises in jazz cello, but is adept and experienced at many other styles, from rock and pop to eastern European music styles and beyond.

Live Performance

“…a sharp-dressed, cheerful and irreverent diversifier who uses the instrument to explore jazz, rock, folk, pop and various other genres… anything as long as it isn’t classical.   Notably for a contemporary solo performer, Rupert eschews loops and effects. When you hear him live, it’s just him, the necessary techniques and a dose of imagination.”


Rupert Gillett is a highly active performer, session musician and educator on the London scene and abroad.  In 2018, he was a featured artist and lecturer at the prestigious New Directions Cello Festival in Cologne, Germany.  He has also taught Jazz Cello at the Royal Academy of Music Junior Department and the Cello Akademie, Rutesheim, Germany.  He currently performs with jazz-icon Jacqui Dankworth MBE, jazz violinist Chris Garrick & composer/pianist David Gordon in the chamber-jazz ensemble “Butterfly’s Wing”, as well as in the renowned “Kosmos Ensemble” with Harriet Mackenzie.  He also plays in a unique 2 cello and violin jazz-fusion/crossover ensemble called “Arcopia” with renowned jazz cellist Gunther Tiedemann (String Thing) and London-based violinist Chris Haigh (Bob Geldof, Michael Ball).   Rupert has performed with Alison Moyet, as well as being featured live on BBC 2 television, BBC Radio London, BBC3 and BBC 6 Music with various ensembles. He has played at large scale events such as the 2012 Paralympics & the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations, and has performed for clients such as Amazon, Boots, Dunhill, Asda, the American Embassy and Buckingham Palace.

On double bass, Rupert regularly performs in a number of ensembles such as Dai & the Ramblers (Ace Records), She’Koyokh, The London Klezmer Quartet, the Boneshaker Band, the London Niche Quartet and many more.  He also recently performed on the score of the movie “Tolkien”, starring Nicholas Hoult.

Rupert has also performed to a variety of celebrity clients, including Prince Philip, Brad Pitt, Jeremy Corbyn, Angelina Jolie, Jude Law, Sir Antony Gormley, Charles Dance, Orlando Bloom, Nigel Planer (The Young Ones), Chris O’Dowd (The IT Crowd), Jeremy Clarkson (although he left quite quickly!) and Ray Davies.

Session Cellist

‘” Rupert is a wonderful session cellist with a firm grasp on what’s needed musically and technically. I’ve recorded with him both in person and remotely, and he is a pleasure to work with.'”

Eleni Shaw, Producer, Depicted Studio Ltd., London

“The best musician I’ve ever worked with!”

Katy Carr, Artist, www.katycarr.com

“Gillett’s somber cello – evocative of Ramin Djawadi’s finest work on Game Of Thrones”


“Rupert Gillett’s talent not only lies in his clear, clean precise  masterful technique, but also in his ability to interpret and make each song his very own”

BKruman, Producer, Pittsburgh, USA

As well as regular live work with his own projects, Rupert is a session cellist who has worked with producers such as Henning Schmitz (Kraftwerk) and Liam Watson (The White Stripes).  

As an experienced session cellist, Rupert can read, arrange, improvise and think outside the box if required and is skilled at gauging what the artist or track requires.  Rupert has played a large variety of albums, and his work has occasionally popped up in the charts (just!).  For a full discography, click here. 

Rupert is also accustomed to doing “remote sessions” and is an experienced audio engineer.  Using his own “Holly Barn Studio”, Rupert can record and transfer high quality audio stems of sessions, enabling efficient international studio work.  

Mics for Cello: AKG 414, Mojave MA200, Oktava ML52 Ribbon, Oktava Mk012 stereo pair

Pre-amps: Universal Audio Solo 610, Focusrite ISA

DAW: Pro-Tools

If you would like to book Rupert for a session, please send an email to rupertgillett@gmail.com.